Too Long, Didn’t Read

VoxWave no longer exists as a company, ALYS lives on as an open-source project under the GPL-3.0 and the BY-CC-4.0 license. You can find it at the following address:

EDIT: The main repository moved to and vocal libraries are now separated in different repositories linked from the main one.

What happened?

You might have noticed it, but VoxWave became quite silent over the last months. This is because we at the head of VoxWave chose to close the company, a decision which came in effect in early September 2021. There’s not much else to say.

However, the good news is the rest still goes on! ALYS as a project is still alive and well! As her creator, I decided to step in and continue its technical support. Since the company no longer exists, and as a free and open-source software supporter, I also decided to open-source ALYS as much as possible. As a result:

ALYS for Alter/Ego is now free software as in free beer.

ALYS for UTAU, including its previously unreleased UTAU prototype, is now free as in free beer and in freedom.

You can find the installer of ALYS for Alter/Ego on the repository linked above as well as a free license file. Regarding its UTAU version, its prototype is already configured with oto.ini files, but the source file for its Alter/Ego version are stripped of any configuration.

What’s New?

Therefore, ALYS is now available under three different licences:

Basically, this means you can do whatever you wish with the character as long as it is non-commercial and you credit Saphirya, ALYS’ designer. The UTAU vocal libraries can be used, modified, and redistributed as much as you wish as long as it stays under the GPL-3.0 license. And you are free to use the Alter/Ego vocal libraries as much as you wish, but you cannot redistribute or modify them.

I also decided to release ALYS’ very first, secret, unreleased, unheard French vocal library. It was scrapped no long after recording it due to quality issues and was replaced by its French UTAU prototype people could hear through ALYS’ first songs. It is released more as a way of preserving the fact it existed rather preserving a usable vocal library. (I don’t even remember what it sounds like.)

if you have any question, you are free to send me an email at or open an issue on the repository mentioned above.